Price of saffron in India in per Kg and per Gram {updated Prices}

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Price of saffron in India in per Kg and per Gram

Being one of the most in-demand spices globally, the cost of saffron is worth gold. It is one of the most precious spices not only of India but globally as well for which you have to spend a lot of amounts. Being well known for its intense flavor, fantastic texture and bitter taste, this most excellent spice is being derived from the stigma of flower Crocus sativus Linnaeus. The saffron threads are stigma petals that are carefully dried for a particular period to obtain distinct texture, taste, and flavor.

Price of saffron in India in per Kg and per Gram

Being cultivated in favored conditions, it needs about 75,000 flowers of saffron to obtain one pound of it. Isn’t it surprising? Surely YES. And this is one of the most substantial reasons why does it cost so high among other spices.

Saffron is not only a part of various cuisines, but it is a more significant source of multiple vitamins and traces of minerals as well. It gives excellent flavors to your food and does a remarkable job for the pregnant ladies as well. It is not only the limit, this wonderful spice comes up with various medicinal properties as well. You can make use of saffron for treating depression, asthma, painful menstrual periods, cancer and a lot more.

Saffron is usually found in three types: Kashmiri Saffron, Persian Saffron, and Spanish Saffron. Out of all these Kashmiri Saffron is one of the most popular globally. It is cultivated in the higher ranges of Jammu and Kashmir whose ultimate climatic conditions favored the flavors, taste, and texture of the saffron with extreme features.

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What factors affect the price of saffron in India?

Have you ever thought, why saffron is so costly? Being derived from the ultimate conditions, manual extraction, intensive drying process, and least produce are some of the most common factors that impact in the higher costs of saffron. The yield of the best quality saffron is usually low. Higher will be the number of stigmas present in the saffron, lower will be its quality. If you are searching here to find out the price of one of the leading saffron suppliers of India, here we are providing you the same for you.

Baby Brand Saffron
Shalimar Organic saffron Kashmir
The Gathering of Saffron
Taj Mahal Saffron
Noor Brand Saffron
Lion Pure Saffron
Keynote Kashmir Saffron


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Baby Brand Saffron in India: ( #1 Best Sold Product in India)

baby brand saffron reviews
baby brand saffron

Being cultivated in the higher range of Himalayas, Baby Brand Saffron is one of the leading saffron selling a brand that owes to provide high-quality saffron at best prices ever. The beautiful compact, the modern package includes handpicked saffron dried under intense conditions. Coming up in the different bags of 0.5 mg to 20 mg, Baby Brand Saffron is hygienically packed to offer you ideal taste and aroma just at the cost of Rs. 235 per 1 gram of it.


Shalimar Brand Saffron in India: (#2 top review Saffron product)

Shalimar Brand Saffron in India:
Shalimar Brand Saffron

Premium organic saffron with Grade 1 certification, it is another one of the leading saffron suppliers in the list that offers strongly flavored red saffron with extraordinary taste at the very reasonable price range. If you are planning to gift saffron for a pregnant lady, Shalimar is the brand name that you can trust upon blindfolded.  Being derived directly from the farms of Kashmir, this saffron is well tested by ISO and is proved to have no added colors, flavors, and preservatives in it. You can hassle-free this brand of saffron for good health, cooking purposes, beauty packs, and medicinal uses just by spending Rs — 290 for 1 gm of packaging.


The Gathering Spanish Saffron: (#3 best-reviewed Saffron by our team)

The Gathering of Saffron Spanish Saffron Kesar Zafran Pure
The Gathering of Saffron Spanish Saffron

With a little bit higher price tag with the above one in the list, it is Fssai approved, and ISO certified saffron that ensures you excellent health. Without having any added sugar, colors and preservatives, this most excellent variety of saffron is well known for providing fantastic texture, taste, and aroma to your food. The saffron is rich in vitamins and also offers you medicinal value just at the cost of Rs. 460 for 1 gm of it.

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Taj Mahal Saffron:

taj mahal saffron review
taj mahal saffron

Just like its name, Taj Mahal Saffron is the brand name that is well known for providing high-quality Spanish saffron filaments to the users. Intense color and flavor are some of the most beautiful features that can enhance the taste of your food. If we talk about the packaging, it is tightly packed in airtight packaging while maintaining its freshness as well. Just tinge of previously dipped of saffron in milk and can spell magic into your cuisine. Fully embedded with great medicinal features, skin improvement features, it is one of the high-quality saffron present in the market for purchasing  1 gm of which you have to spend Rs. 645.


Noor Brand Saffron:

Noor Brand Saffron

Another most favored saffron brand derived from the Himalayan range of Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir, Noor is a brand name that is well known for providing high-quality grade 1 saffron in the market. 100% pure Kashmiri saffron threads perfectly packed into airtight packaging keeps the texture, flavor, and taste of saffron alive for a longer tenure. The only thing you have to do is to keep it in a cold place to extract the best results. If we talk about the price tag, it is quite affordable with the price tag of Rs. 199 per 1 gm.


Lion Brand Saffron:

Lion Pure Saffron Kashmir Kesar
Lion Pure Saffron Kashmir Kesar

Being dedicated to offering you 100% natural saffron, Lion Brand is the name that gives you great results with FSSAI and Grade 1 certifications. Thick and long threads of Lion Brand Saffron are perfectly being packed into the airtight packaging with an expiry date of 12 months. The prices are just worth it to the features involved, and you have to pay Rs. 201 for 1 gm of it.

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Keynote Kashmiri Saffron:

Keynote Kashmir Saffron
Keynote Kashmir Saffron

100% natural and pure, without having any additives, it is one of the finest saffron of India that is being used for various medicinal usages, skin cares, and recipes. It is IS5453 certified saffron that is perfectly packed in airtight glass bottle snugly stored in tamper proof sturdy box to keep the aroma and texture of saffron alive. You can quickly get this saffron just by spending Rs. 470 per 1 gm of it.

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