List of Top Fantasy Cricket App in India for IPL & World Cup

List of Top Fantasy Cricket App in India 2020

The IPL is already running in full swing, making India filled with energy and excitement. Millions of fans are on the edge of their seats from 19th September 2020. This year comes with a change, though- instead of getting a chance to watch the maestros play live on the field, we see it behind our screens, following the rules of social distancing.

But the excitement can be increased by fantasy sport gaming apps available on Google Play and App Store too! If you are a cricket lover with a good knowledge base and watch ODI, T20, and test series, but cannot decide which fantasy cricket app is the best for IPL 2020 to play and win exciting prizes, then you have come to the right place! The following listed are the top 20 fantasy cricket apps through which you can win real cash and exhilarating gifts and prizes!

What is Fantasy Cricket Apps?

Before we get into listing out the best apps, we must know what fantasy cricket apps are. If you are scratching your head wondering why it is called so, then we are here for you. Here, you use your cricket judgment skills to win prizes. These games are not played in real. It is an app that allows you to Play Fantasy Sports. The games occur before the real matches start, where you will have to assume who will win and who will not.

You will have to choose a Team made up of 11 players. The teams will be chosen for both sides. Other online players will also do the same. The prize is decided before the match begins. The Original Match starts and both the teams play scoring runs or wickets, which will add up to the total points that will render you avail prizes when you win.

Are they legal?

If you are wondering whether this is legal or not, then don’t worry. Since you are only choosing players of both sides and play the game through apps online, it is not illegal. Also, if you want to win bigger prizes and money, you can deposit money to the app as well. So, if you think you have accurate knowledge and good guessing skills and need a way to socialize with friends and family and have fun despite the lockdown, then download the following best and trusted apps and test your strengths!

  1. Dream 11

The most popular and trendy fantasy cricket app that is around is Dream 11. With over 8 crores of users and 50 crores plus winners daily, this app has high rating- 4.4 stars. It is India’s most go-to and favorite app. It attracts the audience and is being widely used and liked by them because of the excellent app interface, amount of price, and the option of conducting a private contest that you can keep to play with your friends and family. You can make multiple teams and increase your chances of winning. The brand ambassador of Dream 11 is none other than India’s favorite MS Dhoni.

There are exciting promos and offers on the apps when you join- so do not miss out on them. For downloading the app, you need to enter your 10-digit phone number. After downloading, enter your profile, wallet options, and KYC details to verify your account. Finally, you can select your team to play the IPL 2020 game. Check your points on the players once the match begins and wait until the match is over- for, if you are lucky, you shall win the match!

  1. My Innings

Available for Android users, My Innings app provides you with 100 rupees of cash bonus when you sign up, right off the bat. Apart from that, it has an incredible amount of deals regarding referral bonuses. The competition here is less, giving you more chances to win and also you can withdraw the money you win immediately after- there are no limits or rules.

  1. My11circle

This game grew exponentially during last year. Sourav Ganguly, the BCCI President, is the brand ambassador, giving My11circle a whole new reputation for itself. The winners count crossed one crore, and there are many options and varieties to choose from to have fantastic fun- big winning pools, leadership contests, classic fantasy games, and free contests to win cash daily.

  1. MyTeam11

With over 15 million users gained in a short span, MyTeam11 has created a mark in the fantasy gaming apps industry. This app is available in 9 different languages. The app offers a myriad of options for the players to choose from. The modes like Safe Play and Regular Play help users quickly select what they want to play. You can play using their website apart from the app as well. The minimum withdrawable amount is 200 rupees.

  1. Dotball

The “Fan Power” option in this app, where you get the choice to switch captain or the vice-captain after the first half, is a feature that marks this game different from others. You can select the 12th man and provide your team with an extra man to win the contest!

  1. BalleBaazi

If you are a Daily Fantasy Sports lover, this app is a perfect fit for you. Being all about cricket, the 90’s kids in India get a whole different emotion when they hear the term “balle baazi.” All you have to do is click on a match to view all the running competitions associated with the match. It is a good option for a beginner wondering which app to put their money in. It also has plentiful and friendly choices in fantasy contests.

  1. HalaPlay

Being in the market for a long time, HalaPlay is a favorite cricket fantasy app among its users, just like Dream11. It had a broad user base. Through HalaPlay, you can also get multiple teams in a single game to boost your chances of winning. If you are a new user, then you can get a hundred rupees as a signup bonus.

  1. FanFight Cricket Fantasy App

If you are bored with the Dream 11 app, then this one is for you. The rules are minutely different. You can use your cricket talents here to get decent prize winnings. The best part of this app is getting a good deal of referral bonus and a signup bonus. Using FanFight, you can change your player even after the toss happens. This platform also has made money withdrawals easy. The referral amount goes as high as 50% of what your friend or family deposited for the first time. So, if your friend or family had deposited 1000 rupees for the first time, as a referral bonus, you would get 500 rupees! The competition on the website is low, and the gameplay on the app is simplified. The only part considered to be a con is that you need to fill in KYC to avail the offers.

  1. Gamezy

Being a new addition to the list of fantasy cricket apps brought to you by GamesKraft, this app brings in a good deal of expectations. It offers a plethora of chances for you to win by playing through this app. You can withdraw 200 rupees at the minimum after playing. The prizes offered are for top brands like Zoom Car, Gaana, Myntra, Faasos, Box8, and ClearTrip. The interface is easily navigatable. The app has multiple options for you to select your team. The downside is that the cash bonus is not 100% usable.

  1. RotoBash

Rotobash is not very widespread, which the beauty of it is. With limited competition and flexible options, this app can be a good friend of yours. Here you also have the option of adding money to your Payment bank without any hassle. The user interface is not the best, but they have a variety of options for customers and users to play with. The payment is decent, and the withdrawal and deposit process is easy. Their referral code also offers a referral bonus of 100 Roto credits when you share it with your friends and family.

  1. GoSuper11

Brought by BookMyShow, GoSuper11 is a new and unique fantasy sports app that allows you to use your bonus 100% in the grand league. Whether you want to join free games or the ones with cash involved, GoSuper11 is there for you. This app is great for all cricket fans. The offers are plentiful, and the user interface is clean. The pay-out is decent for GoSuper11.

  1. Mobile Premier League

Bubble Shooter, Pro Cricket, Fruit Chop, Monster Truck, Space Breaker, and many other games can be found in the bosom of Mobile Premier League, or more commonly known as the MPL. At the end of every tournament, the winnings can be instantly transferred to your wallet. The unfathomable variety offered on this app adds a sparkle to your gaming experience. Some users have complained of slow performance in the past, but the great points are that you can get unlimited referral cash, over 30 different mobile games, and an early winning withdrawal process.

  1. LeagueX

If you want a new interface change and a different in-game style, then LeagueX is for you. The gameplay is made worth your time since the interface is amazingly simple to use. This safe website also provides the offer that you can withdraw 100% of the money.

  1. Fan2Play

Whether you are working with your colleagues or bonding with your mates, or merely chilling inside the house with your family, Fan2Play is an app that assuredly makes fantasy cricket gaming fun and enjoyable. The rules are simple- the match is one-to-one where you chose your team, and only one winner emerges. One of the plus points of this app is that you need not worry about choosing all players- you can choose two, three, or four players. There is also no credit limit on this app. Apart from being able to choose the players that will perform better that day according to your predictions, you need to select your 11 team players who will perform well in the tournament where you monitor their performance as the winner is dependent on the number of points gained by the players.

  1. Howzat

Convert your passion for the field of cricket into a concrete foundation where you can actually earn money. In a matter of seconds, create your account and start utilizing your cricket superpowers to form a unique team that will help you win tremendously, where the cash is transferred, making it easy to withdraw from your bank accounts. You get 500 rupees as a signup bonus to play leagues.

  1. Fantasy Power11

This newly launched app can be the best place for you to set up your cricket niche by applying your cricket knowledge and skills. In this fantasy platform, you can turn your passion into money. You have the option to join either a private or a public spot for winning real prizes.

  1. KhelChamp

This is a unique app where the competitions are very low, and you get 100% Cashback as soon as you win it. Also, whenever you add money to your wallet, you win extra cash. The option ranges from little leagues to mega prizes. You can get up to 200 rupees as a referral bonus.

  1. 11Wickets

If you want to expand your game expertise base from cricket to kabaddi and football, 11Wickets is the app suited for you. 50 rupees is their signup bonus and the bonus amount you get for every successful referral you do. Very low competition is the highlight of this app. It is the fastest-growing fantasy gaming app for the sports fan- both cricket and football! Join this game to unleash the game master in you and win exciting prizes and earn cash.

  1. Nostra Pro App

This application is legal and verified by PayTM. This is a sports prediction app where you can win unlimited prizes into your PayTM cash daily using Nostra Pro Referral Codes. Apart from that, you get a big hearty sign up offer worth rupees 100.

  1. ProSports11

ProSports11 is an app where you join a match to predict the result. In the end, the person with the highest points gets all the rewards and cash. The user interface is nice. It has 5-minute withdrawals. The customer care service is supportive. A pro point is that you can use a power bench to change the players automatically, which are not final playing 11.


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