Best green tea in India 2020 for weight loss & price {updated}

Top Best green tea in India 2020

We all heard about the name “Green Tea”, it has several health benefits. With a cup of green tea can change your life. Most people take milk tea in the morning and evening, but this is not good for our health and form several diseases. If we take green tea in the early morning and evening, it can change tremendous positive change in our health.

Best green tea in India

Green tea offers tremendous health advantages when we take this regularly. This tea was first originated in China, and now all the countries started producing green tea. Thousands of doctors recommend green tea for many purposes like weight loss, increase immunity, diabetes control etc. India is a well-known tea producer in India across the world.

Green tea provides immense health benefits when taken continuously for a longer period. The green tea first originated in, and now it is used in almost all the countries across the globe. The doctors even approve the green tea for its benefits in weight reduction, diabetes control, increased immunity, etc. India is a prominent tea producing country in the world. Due to its health benefits, the demand for green has increased in a significant way. We should also replace milk tea with a cup of green tea. Lets us talk about the benefits we will get after taking green tea in our daily life.

1)    Heart health: green tea is perfect for the heart. It releases anti-oxidants that maintain the health of your heart. Green tea lowers the bad cholesterol and helps to regulate the good cholesterol. It also eliminates or removes the cardiovascular problems. So this is very good for those people who suffer from cholesterol and have cardiovascular questions.

2)    Cancer:- green tea works magically as green tea contains anti-carcinogenic agents. The polyphenols and anti-carcinogenic agents help in reducing the risk of many types of cancer like breast cancer, liver cancer, blood cancer, prostate cancer and bladder cancer attack. So you should take tea regularly because it helps your body to fight with the most severe disease like cancer.

3)    Oral health:- when you take green daily it will also help in enhancing the oral health and help in reducing the oral problem like tooth decay, plaques, tarter, bad breathe etc. so anyone who faces the problem because of their oral health should take green tea.

4)    Lose weight:- obesity is increasing daily. There are lacs of over-weight people. For reducing weight, you do lots of hard work like diet, gym but still not get the desired result. Green tea has anti-oxidant properties that are very good for reducing weight and help you to get your desired weight. So if you’re tensed because of your weight than you can switch to green tea.

These are just a few points that I have mentioned for green tea green has a lot more benefits that will help you to stay healthy and fit.

List of Top Best green tea in India

Lipton green tea
Tetley Green Tea
Typhoo Green Tea
Heapwell Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

(1)    Lipton green tea:-

Lipton green tea
Lipton green tea

When we talk about the best green tea in India that first name that comes in our mind is Lipton green tea. Lipton provides a natural green tea that gives help you to get all the benefits of the green tea. Over the year with careful and powerful evaluation, Lipton established its name as one of the best green tea in India. They provide several types of green tea, but honey lemon variety comes with zero calories, so it is perfect if you want to reduce your weight.

If you want proper benefits of green tea, then you shouldn’t add milk or sugar if you take it without adding sugar and milk than I will increase metabolism and help to reduce your weight even faster. If you stay busy and often to drink enough water than this product is for you.

Green tea compensates for the lack of fluid intake in your body and help you to stay hydrated. If you are suffering from skin problem then you must try green tea, it will naturally cure your skin and makes it look healthier. This product will naturally provide glow to your skin and make you look younger. It also helps you to get rid of unbearable and undesirable pimples.

This product not only works as a miracle in your skin but also works wonders to your heart. As we all are busy in our work and cannot take care of our body than we must add green of making lifestyle even healthier. If we talk about the taste, it comes with great taste and rich flavour it has a soothing aroma that help you take this regularly.

  1. Tetley Green Tea

Tetley Green Tea
Tetley Green Tea

Another well-known brand in the list of green tea is Tetley green tea; it comes with natural green tea and helps you get its 100% benefits.

If you are someone who likes flavour that is mixed with goodness and positively boosts your health, then you must go with Tetley green tea. Over the year this product has enhanced its name by providing natural quality of green tea to their customer. It has several varieties of green that are available in the market place, if you like mint, ginger and lemon flavour then it also provides these flavour.

Tetley green tea helps you to get your desired weight if you are over-weight and wants to reduce the weight then you must take green tea daily. The green tea mixed with ginger, lemon and mint make it a more powerful and healthy drink.

Ginger is very beneficial for relaxing your muscles and for easing muscle pain. At the same time, it also helps in better digestion. Mint is another essential herb that helps in purifying the blood; it purifies your blood and provides a natural glow to your skin. If we talk about lemon, it is an excellent source of vitamin C that helps in boosting the immune system so your body will be protected from diseases.

So these three things blend with green tea works as a wonder to your body and give you perfect body and proper health. Thus if you take Tetley green without adding sugar and milk than you can also reduce your weight because it increases metabolism to your body and makes you stay slim and fit.

  1. Typhoo Green Tea

Typhoo Green Tea
Typhoo Green Tea

Typhoo green tea is also produced organic green tea, and they don’t add chemicals they provide organic green tea. This product is mixed with all the natural goodness and makes it more beneficial for your health. Most of the brands focus on improving the immune system or some product cure the impurities in your blood and some product are well focused on giving a glow to your skin.

But Typhoo green tea is very nice and are rich in anti-oxidants.  These properties help you to lose your weight instantly and make your body fit and healthy. It also helps in purifying your bloodstream, and it can also improve and enhance your immune system. This product is entirely free from sugar and protects your body from adverse effects.

  1. Heapwell Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

Heapwell Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder
Heapwell Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

This is another very organic and famous brand that produces organic tea. It has the essence of Japan that you can experience when you take this tea. It has Matcha flavour that gives you instant freshness and gives you energy dose that will help you to feel energetic throughout the year. The matcha that is used to make green tea has been carefully taken from the summer crop of the mountain that is in Kagoshima and Kyoto. And this matcha is preserved in such a way that will preserve aroma and its real freshness.

One thing that comes in your mind that why matcha in their tea, because it is proven that matcha is rich with anti-oxidants and it also has nutrients such as amino acids. If you are suffering from any diseases or you have an addiction then you Heapwell tea will be the best for you. It also has cleansing properties that work magically; it will help you to clean your blood and helps to remove the waste from the body. It is not only useful for tea, but you can even use this to bake cakes, desserts and for blending shakes.

So this green tea is best for you and your family its anti-oxidants properties help to enhance the metabolism and makes you stay fit and healthy.

So these are the best green tea in India.

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