6 Best Gala Spin Mop in India 2020 with price pros & cons

The Best Gala Spin Mop Buyer Guide

Best Gala Spin Mop in India
Best Gala Spin Mop in India

 Cleanliness is the key to purity, health, and prosperity. Whether it is our home or workplace, a clean environment is extremely essential for good health and proper mental state. Living in a clean house helps to stay healthy and be free of diseases. In our daily life, we come across a lot of dirt, dust, and germs. If we do not mop the floors properly then they will become a breeding place of germs. If that situation continues to persist, all members of the family will fall ill. All this makes cleaning and mopping the floors of your house extremely important.

But moping is a time-consuming, tiring, and strenuous activity that results in backaches and joint pains. A spin mop can make things easier. It makes cleaning and mopping as easy as a pie. Spin mops from Gala are extremely good. Gala is a popular brand that is well-known for manufacturing home cleaning tools. They offer the best spin mops in India. Here are some of the best Gala spin mops in India that are doing great at present.

List of Top Six best Gala spin mops:

When we purchase a product, it is quite obvious that we do a lot of research in order to make sure that the investment does not go in vain. I hope, you too, do the same just like me. Whatsoever, it is important to make sure that you are well aware of the products available under the concerned category so that you do not have to regret about it, later on, thinking that you could have got a better product under that same price range. Well, this is all about the spin mops, something that almost every household need, no matter whether you keep a maid or you decide to take care of all your odd jobs, all by yourself. Without wasting any further time, I have decided to move on to my listicle that I have prepared only after thorough research and considering the customer reviews and ratings.

1. Gala e-Quick Spin Mop with easy wheels and bucket with 2 refills:

It is one of the best spin mops from Gala that comes with 2 refills. You can effortlessly drag the bucket across the house. The micro fiber refill is super absorbent and offers great cleaning performance. You can easily clean the under furniture and other complex corners with this spin mop as it offers 360 degree cleaning. You can also remove the dirty water very easily without needing to get your hands dirty. The bucket is well-designed and has a spout shape to flush out the dirty water. They prevent any splashes of water around you.

  • It offers 360 degree cleaning to reach difficult areas.
  • Presence of spout shaped well-designed bucket to flush out the dirty water.
  • The bucket has easy wheels to make carrying it across the home easy.
  • Presence of a longer and stronger bucket handle.

  • The plastic quality is not up to the mark.


2. Gala Jet Spin Mop with Jumbo wheels, stainless steel wringers and 2 free refills:

The best thing about this jet spin mop is that it comes with two free refills. Cleaning under your refrigerator, furniture, and other difficult areas with this jet spin mop is super easy as it offers 360 degree cleaning. The bucket has easy and sturdy wheels. So no need to lift the whole bucket with dirty water as you can easily drag it across your house. It is designed in such a way so that it can provide proper floor cleaning without putting much effort. This mop can be used both in dry and wet forms to clean up the floors.

  • It offers 360 degree cleaning.
  • The handle is extra long.
  • Presence of sturdy and bigger wheels.
  • It offers super fast spinning.
  • The mop can be used both in dry and wet conditions.
  • It is expensive as compared to the other products discussed here.

3. Gala Spin mop with easy wheels and bucket for magic 360 degree cleaning (with 2 refills):

This flagship spin mop from Gala comes with a bucket and easy wheels for 360 degree cleaning performance. This spin mop is made and designed in India. It is designed in such a way to fulfill and satisfy the customers need, utility, and provide optimum comfort. The quick lock system of this product adds to the comfort of the user and helps in cleaning the mop by keeping it locked tight.

  • It has a smart and considerate design.
  • It includes a 360 degree rotating mop.
  • Presence of easy wheels to carry the bucket.
  • Presence of micro fiber super absorbent refill.

  • It is little bit expensive as compared to other products reviewed here.


4. Gala Popular Spin Mop with a bucket and easy wheels for 360 Degree Magic Cleaning:

Gala is well known to serve customers of all segments with its unique and good quality products. This spin mop is not an exception. By considering the dynamic market segment and leading change in the market, Gala has provided and manufactured this extremely good spin mop that offers ample of convenience to provide smooth cleaning solutions. The bucket can easily be dragged from one room to another as it comes with easy wheels. The micro fiber refill is super absorbent. The refill can be easily dried. Removing the dirt is also super convenient. The bucket is spout shaped which makes pulling out the dirty water easy.

  • It is extremely affordable.
  • Cleaning the under furniture with this product is super easy as it comes with 360 degree cleaning performance.
  • Presence of a well-designed spout shaped bucket.
  • Presence of a water knob to remove the dirty water.
  • The handle is stronger and longer.
  • The bucket is bigger than the average.

  • No such.


5. Gala Rhino Spin mop:

It is another great spin mop from Gala that can easily reach hard and difficult areas and corners with the 360 degree cleaning feature. The micro fiber refill is super absorbent and can be used for dry and wet floor mopping. It can clean all types of floor like wooden flooring, tiles, linoleum, and slate very efficiently. The well-designed bucket has a spout shape at both sides to pour out the dirty water quite conveniently. It has a compact design that helps to save a lot of space.

  • It has a compact and space-saving design.
  • It offers 360 degree cleaning.
  • Presence of well-designed bucket with spout at both ends.
  • It can be used to clean all types of floors.
  • Presence of a strong and ergonomic handle.

  • .

  • No such


6. Gala Twin Bucket Spin mop with 1 liquid dispenser and 2 refills:

It is another great spin mop system from Gala that has a compact and space-saving design. So, it is loved by many people. The twin bucket mop allows you to separate clean water from dirty water so that you can achieve a smooth cleaning experience. The micro fiber refill is super absorbent and offers great cleaning performance. The 360 degree rotating mop allows you to remove the dirty water very easily.

  • It has a compact and space-saving design.
  • It allows you to separate clean water from dirty water.
  • One free microfiber refill and dispenser are included with this product.
  • It has a 360 degree rotating mop head.
  • The microfiber refill is super absorbent.
  • The bucket is difficult to move when filled.
  • The compartments are a bit small.

How to take care of your spin mop?

A spin mop is a great tool to clean your home perfectly. But to achieve the desired and satisfying result, you need to keep your spin mop in good condition. There are certain steps to take care of your spin mop and increase its longevity and performance. Ignoring these simple tricks might lead you to regret about your purchase too soon, and you may also end up thinking about purchasing a new mop all over again. In order to make sure that you do not have to face any issue, here we are going to tell you about the tips and considerations that you would need to make in order to take enough care of your mop. Let us discuss them.

  • The best way for increasing the longevity of your spin mop and keeping it in good condition is to clean it after every use. You should clean it with clean water and wipe the handle with a wet and clean cloth. You can also use a dry cloth for the handle.
  • After that, you should dry it up properly. Drying will help to prevent the metal parts from getting rusted. This will allow you to use your spin mop again and again and it will remain in a good condition for a very long time.
  • Use the spin mop for the right purpose is. Using a product for the purpose which is intended to be used for is the best way of increasing its longevity. Remember that it is not made for sweeping.
  • Don’t provide extra pressure on the handles or else it will break.
  • Proper storage of the spin mop can create a great huge difference. Try to keep it away from the reach of children. You can either store it in a secure cabinet or a room that can be locked away.


It is a fact that no one loves to mop floor regularly but it is an unavoidable task. Even if you are a ‘cleanliness freak’, mopping the floors daily will definitely be a painstaking task for you. But with a good quality spin mop that offers great performance, this tiring task can become an enjoyable household activity. Gala is one of the popular and well-known brands for manufacturing home utility appliances. It is the first choice when it comes to spin mops. We have provided a list of some of the best gala spin mops in India that are doing great at present. Their pros and cons are discussed in detail which will help you to decide which to buy. Read the features properly. They will help you to understand which product can satisfy your needs and demands perfectly. We hope that you find this information beneficial. Thank you for reading till the end. Have a good day and choose wisely!

Last but not the least, we would like to inform you about our website and the intention of our content creators. We are here with a motif to help you out with your purchase decisions. We have several other listicles over here as well. Hope that we would be able to help you in deciding the right tool. It is a humble request from our end that we would love to receive your opinions too!

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