Best dumbbell brand in india 2020 Pricing, features, Pros & Cons

Best Dumbbell Brand in India 2020

Everyone wants to stay fit and beautiful for that we do many dieting, exercises and yoga. For making our body in good shape, we also use dumbbells to extending muscles and look muscular. Dumbbells are very useful as it creates both inter- and intramuscular coordination and it will lead to greater muscles. It is also helpful for making coordination between our body segments. If you use light dumbbells, it improves your body coordination and maintains balance.

Best dumbbell brand in india
Best dumbbell brand in india

On the other hand, if you are using heavier dumbbells, it will start enhancing your muscle fibre and increase muscle strength. You can use dumbbells for a variety of exercises it is used for a variety of different movement and enhance your body strength. Dumbbells allow you to focus on your arms and legs at a time and to improve their ability with heavy overload. Because of our hectic schedule, we cannot go to the gym, so we often need to buy a good pair of dumbbells. So before buying dumbbells, we need to understand its types.

There are mostly two types of dumbbells: fixed and adjustable dumbbells.

Fixed dumbbells:-

as you can understand by its name fixed, this type of dumbbells are fixed. These types of dumbbells are difficult to replace or remove because the connection and handles are mostly tight and firm. The head of these fixed dumbbells are made with iron, and they come in different sizes and designs depending upon the brand you are using. The common shape of the fixed dumbbell is hexagonal. It has several coating to its weight head that make more strong and firm. There are several pros and cons of fixed dumbbells they are:-


  1. These dumbbells are easy to carry as you can pick it up and free weights. It doesn’t require any further adjustments.
  2. These dumbbells are strong and firm as compare with adjustable dumbbells, fixed one is less likely to break.
  3. It is mostly smaller than adjustable ones.
  4. These dumbbells don’t make sound and don’t even shiver when we use.


  1. Fixed dumbbells consume more space because they are the set of two dumbbells that has the same weight. You need to keep in a proper place.
  2. A set of fixed pairs of dumbbells weigh a lot as we compare it with a set of adjustable dumbbells.
  3. If we consider price, a set of fixed dumbbells is quite expensive as compare with adjustable dumbbells because it is mostly packed with iron that makes it a bit expensive.
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Adjustable dumbbells:-

It has mainly two types: classic and selectorized dumbbells, a classic dumbbell contains simple bars and stoppers on each side of the handles. So classic dumbbells have bars, and the plates are locked with spring collars. This is simple equipment where only add and subtract of weight plates are done commonly.

Adjustable selectorized:-

These dumbbells are also adjustable dumbbells you can adjust weight more quickly if we compare it with classic adjustable dumbbells. Weight plates of adjustable are made with iron and have a specific coating that makes it stronger and durable.


  1. Adjustable dumbbells are safe and reliable; the plates are held very tight on the bars and less likely to fall off.
  2. They are very portable; you can easily remove weight plates and carry it to another place.
  3. You can easily find the extra plates and increase your weight range.


  1. Unloading and loading weight plates sometimes bother the dumbbells user.
  2. If you don’t set the weight properly via their spring locks and sometime, it becomes a difficult and annoying task for some users.

Best dumbbell brand in India

Cockatoo rubber coated hex dumbbells:
kore 24 kg adjustable dumbbells set
Cockatoo Rubber Coated Round Dumbbells
sports-soul vinyl dumbbells set
Amazonbasics 20-pound dumbbell set

1)    Cockatoo rubber coated hex dumbbells:-

 Cockatoo rubber coated hex dumbbells review
Cockatoo rubber coated hex dumbbells

This is one of the best dumbbells in India and highly recommended if you are a fitness freak. The best part of these dumbbells is shaped; it won’t roll away when you place it. Here are the features of cockatoo rubber coated hex dumbbells.


  1. The shape of these dumbbells are hexagonal and comes in a variety of weight that ranges of 1 kg to 40kg.
  2. These dumbbells have thick rubber coating, so it protects your floor from getting damaged when you place it.
  3. The handles bar is ridged, have a secure grip and slip resistance and make it more desirable.

If you are planning to buy dumbbells then you must buy 7.5kg of weight, and if you are beginner, then you must go with the 5kg set. These set of dumbbells to help you in your regular workout and make your muscles stronger. It is also useful for warm up and for various abs doing exercises.

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2)    kore 24 kg adjustable dumbbells set

kore 24 kg adjustable dumbbells set review
kore 24 kg adjustable dumbbells set

This is also a well-known brand that manufactures dumbbells sets; this product will help you in enhancing muscle strength and make it muscular. It has various specifications they are:-


  1. This product is suitable for both the gym and home.
  2. It comes from the leading fitness brand that makes it more trustable among customers.
  3. It is an adjustable dumbbell so you can put more weight and make it heavier for your workouts.
  4. This product comes with three weight sets with four plates the total weight you will get with this product is 24kgs.
  5. These dumbbells set to come at an affordable price so you can easily buy this.
  6. Most interestingly it has multiple dumbbells that can easily manage your workout period and you don’t need to buy extra weight.


  1. The review of this product is not up to the mark; some customers have complained about the building quality of this product.

3)    Cockatoo Rubber Coated Round Dumbbells:-

Cockatoo Rubber Coated Round Dumbbells
Cockatoo Rubber Coated Round Dumbbells

This product comes from the same brand cockatoo that I have mentioned above. This product has several features that make it more desirable and trustable among customers.


  1. It is made of a single mold; this makes it highly durable and long-lasting.
  2. It is suitable for both professional gyms as well as home.
  3. It has equal weight distribution to its rod that helps you in making balance and single mould make it durable and unique.
  4. The outer coating of this dumbbell set is made with thick rubber so your floor won’t get damaged when you place it on.
  5. The shape of these dumbbells is round; it has various weight options that ranges from 5 to 100kg.
  6. With the variety in the weight, you can buy any weight according to your preference.
  7. If I talk about the rating then this product is doing excellent, it has a good rating and great reviews.

4)    sports-soul vinyl dumbbells set:-

sports-soul vinyl dumbbells set
sports-soul vinyl dumbbells set

This is another excellent product that manufactures dumbbells; it has various features they are:-


  1. If I talk about the design, it is stylish and colorful which makes it more attractive.
  2. It is suitable for home as well as the gym.
  3. The outer coating is made with thick rubber that makes it more durable and long-lasting.
  4. It comes with variety to weight so you can buy any weight dumbbells according to your preference.
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This product is excellent, and you can buy this for your workout session.

5)    Amazon basics 20-pound dumbbell set:-

Amazonbasics 20-pound dumbbell set
Amazonbasics 20-pound dumbbell set

This is another weight dumbbell that helps you to make your muscle muscular and help to maintain balance in your body. It has the various feature, they are:-


  1. It is colorful and lightweight dumbbells that make it more attractive.
  2. It comes with three pairs of dumbbells along with a stand.
  3. You will get variety in color range like pink, purple, and green and make your workout more enjoyable.
  4. The three weights that consist of 2-pound, 3-pound and 5-pound.
  5. The outer layer of this dumbbell is made of thick rubber that ensures a better grip and good balance in your workouts.
  6. It is ideal for all types of training workouts.

These dumbbells are excellent and attractive; it helps you in your workout session and increases your muscle strength.

Dumbbells provide two types of load: mechanic and metabolic. Mechanic load stimulates the repair process and increase your muscle size. Metabolic load enhances the muscle cell and increase the size of your muscle. So with these pairs of dumbbells, you can easily enhance your strength and make you fit. So these are the best dumbbells brand in India that makes you fit and healthy.

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