List of Best Dating Apps in India 2020 { full features and review}

Best Dating Apps in India 2020

We all human are social by nature; we cannot live in isolation. There are so many apps where you can chat with new people not even chat you can talk over call and video calls all these facilities are also provided in various apps. There are plenty of people who love to meet new people and make friends. In this generation, this becomes very easy and interesting.

Best Dating Apps in India 2019
Best Dating Apps in India

Meeting with new people, chatting and even dating becomes very popular in India. There are different age group people who use such apps and make their life more social and interesting. In the age of dating, there are many apps that provide this facility where you can chat and date a person you like. All the accounts in those apps are well verified, secured, and that maintains privacy. So here in this article, I will convey some of the famous apps that offer you to meet, chat and date new people.

List of  top 4 Best dating apps in India


whenever we talk about dating app the first application that comes in our mind is “tinder.” Tinder is a highly popular and widely used app by ample of people. This app provides a verified profile of the user and maintains a desired level of privacy. In this app, you will have to sign up your profile with facebook account, and this will scoop your basic profile along with your interest.

Best Dating Apps in India Tinder

It uses the same record or data that you have put in your Facebook profile and show the same profile with the same interest. If due to any reason you don’t have your facebook account or due to some reason you don’t want to sign up with it. You can even sign up with your current phone number and make your new fresh account. After entering your phone number, an OTP(one-time password) will be sent by tinder to your phone you have sent those OTP, and then your profile will be completed.

In tinder, you will get two options if you like someone in tinder swipe right and if you don’t like someone then swipe left. Most interestingly if both the people like each other profile then it becomes a match and then you can chat with that person. In tinder before swiping left or right you can only see the profile picture of that person, solely depends upon the looks of the other people.

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Why to choose tinder?

This is the most interesting question if we are getting lots of apps then why we need to choose tinder or why it is more preferable.

If you are using the free account, then you can swipe the limited number of profiles in a day. Tinder also provides an unlimited swiping option where you can change your location, and you can even check who likes you. These things are only offered by paying the amount for premium packages.  In tinder, there is no option for searching the name of another person by its name; you can even put a pen name if you don’t want to reveal your original name. So this application has all the features that make it more trustable and lovable by its users.

(2) Truly madly:-

This is also a popular application for dating; it has much security setting where you can make your profile secure and private. There are so many people who want to make friends and want to go for a date. But they don’t want to make these things public or doesn’t want to reveal these things in public. But in truly madly you can easily keep your profile secure and can also maintain privacy. In this application, it takes the verification part very sincerely for maintaining the safety of another person. For making a profile in truly madly, you should have your identity proof because it asks for any identity proof.

Truly madly best dating app in india

When you are online or live it will show your matching profiles, it also displays a trust score that is based on your verified profile. This score is significant because it will make your profile more verified and trustable for another person. Another most important thing in this application is if you are facing problem due to another person profile it also has an option of tracing.

It has the same option as tinder if you like someone profile and the other person also likes your profile then only you can chat or the conversation. In truly madly there is no chance of fake profiles because all profiles have to pass through the verification process. In the dating app the most important thing is safety and security and all other things are secondary, so you can blindly trust truly madly for safety. It will only show those profiles that added their identity proof in their profile. It also doesn’t allow you to take the screenshot of your photo and cannot the download. So it makes your photos safe.

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So this application has several features that make it more trustable and desirable for users.

(3) happn:-

Happn is also a very good dating, and it is also a location-based dating app. It has a different or unique concept for matching. In happn you can find people who are near your location or the people that you see in real life, so this is the most interesting feature that any app can provide.

happn best dating app in india

If you like someone or have a crush on he/she, you easily check that if that person is on happn or not. If you found that person profiles, then you can send a secret like and make them aware about feeling for him/her. If you get the same thing from that person that you can start the conversation.

So if you are shy or unable to confess your feeling for someone, then you can go with happn and share your feeling. In most of the application, liking is all depend upon photos or profile pictures, but in happn, you are most likely to meet someone who is nearby or who stays within your location. So with happn you can get the courage of talking with the person you like. This application also allows you to put multiple pictures in your profile so you can add up multiple images at a time.

In this application, you will find many people that are staying in your location, sometimes we want to know each other but interacting with that person directly is very difficult and embarrassing. So with the help of this application, you can easily contact and make a conversation with that particular person.

Why to choose happn?

Happn is a most interesting application you can talk and like those profiles that are nearby or you know them by face. You can also the name of a person and send a secret like if the other person does the same thing you can further start the conversation.

(4) Woo:-

This is also a popular dating application that provides you several features where you can chat and date the person you like. Woo mostly focuses on well- educated professionals. With the help of this application, you can make your profile more informational and attractive. You can even add voice intro, questions, answers, tag search, and direct texting features so you will get this advantage if you choose Woo for dating.

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Woo best dating app

This application also offers voice call options where you can call each other. So you can even call each other without sharing your phone numbers. Most of the times we find girls generally don’t share their contact number so with this application you can talk over a call with its voice call option without sharing your contact numbers. This app doesn’t show or shares the name, number and location of any person.

It also has the same kind of liking and disliking option, and you need to swipe left or right according to your like or dislike. If you like someone profile and if the other person does the same than your profile will match and you can start up the conversation.

Why choose Woo?

There are so many dating apps available in the store, so you need to know why you choose this application in place of others. This application provides you many features like voice intro, direct messaging and tag search. You can also call if your profile matches and you don’t need to share your contact details. It doesn’t share the name, number, and location of any person. So this is features that make the Woo more likable and trustable.

So these are the best dating app in India.

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