Top 3 Best Backpacks under 1000 in India Review & Buying Guide

Best Backpacks under 1000 in India 2020

Backpacks are essential if you are a travel freak, as traveling becomes impossible if you don’t have a suitable backpack that you can take anywhere. There are different sizes, and varieties of backpacks are available that make your traveling more convenient.

Most of the backpacks have rollers, and some have wheels or both. Backpacks are beneficial and have lots of space that you can put useful things in a con-size manner.

Best Backpacks under 1000 in India

Backpacks are the best choice if you love to roam outdoor or mostly engage in outdoor activities. Whether you are going for hunting, hiking, fishing or any other activities you need the best travel bag that makes your outdoor activities easy and convenient.

They are many obstacles when we travel outdoor than you must choose waterproof backpacks that will be an ideal choice for your traveling. Waterproof backpacks provide a sense of protection as it can protect your phone, laptop, or equipment for getting damage from rain.

The following are benefits of backpacks:


It is designed in such a way that you can many things in a single bag. With a good backpack, you can easily correctly store all your stuff. So travel bags or backpacks are very convenient and storage-friendly.

2)Moving it around is easy.

Backpacks are easier to handle if you compare it with a suitcase. You can easily carry it on your shoulders. It saves your energy as the weight of the bag being balanced on both the shoulder and makes your traveling easy.

3)Things can be stored in an organized manner:-

As backpacks have a different section for storing things. It has also space for cellphones, passport, and water bottle section. You can reach your item easily without opening the bag.

Before buying any backpacks, you must know what the features that should be in a backpack are. So here are the essential elements of a backpack.

Feature of the backpacks

1) Sleeve for laptop or iPad:-

As laptops or Ipads are very important, we cannot spend a single day without laptops or iPad. So your backpack must have a compartment for laptop or iPad it will make your traveling easy.


Backpacks should have handles for reducing the heavy load like textbooks if you are carrying. Backpacks with handles are more useful for the student. The handles are mostly made with plastic. To make sure that the backpack you are buying has durable handles.


Most of the backpacks have two wheels on the back. You can roll the bag on the ground if the bag becomes heavy. The wheels make traveling easier and convenient.

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4) Shoulder straps.

Backpacks come in different sizes and variety. The backpacks must have adjustable shoulder straps that you can adjust according to your preference.

5)Water resistant material

Whether or not your bag is 100% waterproof, but make sure it is semi-waterproof such that your bag doesn’t get wet even if sprinkled with a small amount of water. Make sure the outer material is water resistant, such that your belongings inside the bag remain dry & are wearable


The lockable zippers have become the first choice of every user. So before buying any backpack must ensure that has a lockable zipper or have a good quality of zipper. The zipper should be smooth and greasy.


If the backpack does not give you the comfort, you cannot carry it for a long time. You must choose a bag that gives you enough satisfaction. The shoulder and hip belt should be perfectly padded and doesn’t hurt you as well. So before buying a bag must check the shoulder straps and hip belt.

8)The weight of Materials Used

Before buying a backpack, you must check the quality of the backpack. The materials that are used to manufacture the bag should be excellent. If the material is not good, then you cannot keep the backpack for a long time, or it may get damaged easily. The material should be light and strong it more preferable.

9)Safety Features

The backpack should have safety features because you mostly carry backpack outdoor. You mostly keep an expensive object. If the backpack doesn’t have a safety feature, then the thieve may get a chance to take your things out. The backpacks must have a secret pocket and safety locks that protect your belongings.

Types of Backpacks

1)Mini and Small Backpacks (6L, 8L, 10L)

There are different varieties of backpacks available in India and across the world. First is mini or small backpacks are suitable for an individual. Small bags are versatile and more suitable for a short trip. In 8 to 10 L backpacks you can easily keep drink, lunch and some other important stuff. These types of backpacks are not suitable for carrying heavy loads or bulky object. If you put unnecessary to load the bag may get damage.

2)Daypacks (10L to 30L)

This type of backpack has the capacity that ranges from 10 to 30L, and it is suitable for a one day trip. These are suitable if you are wanderlusts or someone who spends their day outdoors. These types of bags are ideal for long weekend trips.

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3)Rucksacks (35L to 80L)

These types of bags are used for the multipurpose, and you can carry heavy loads and best suitable for long weekend trips. The feature of this bag is almost the same with another bag, but it also has an extra pocket that gives extra comfort. The capacity of this bag mostly ranges from 35 to 80L.

Top 3 Backpacks under 1000 in India

AmazonBasics 21 Ltrs Classic Backpack
F Gear Luxur Black 25 liters Backpack
Samsonite Ikonn Polyester 24 Ltrs Black Laptop Backpack
  1. AmazonBasics 21 Ltrs Classic Backpack – Grey ‘{Best Choice}

    AmazonBasics 21 Ltrs Classic Backpack
    AmazonBasics 21 Ltrs Classic Backpack

This is one of the best backpacks in India. It is suitable for short-length travels, and you can put the necessary things in this bag. It has the following features, they are:-

  1. This product is made with good quality of the fabric.
  2. It mostly comes in grey color.
  3. This backpack is non-water resistant.
  4. The dimension of this bag is (40 x 15 x 31) cm.
  5. This comes in the 12 months manufacturer warranty.
  6. It also has a laptop compartment of up to 14 inches.

AmazonBasics 21 Ltrs Classic Backpack


  • The straps of these backpacks are comfortable and soft
  • It is affordable and will surely fit your budget
  • It has a large compartment and it also mini storage pocket where you can keep small things
  • The material of this product is very light, and you carry it very quickly


  • The design of this bag is odd and not suitable for the design-oriented buyer. If you love design, then this bag is not ideal for you
  • This product is not suitable for those you have more than 15inches of size. The bag has minimal storage space you can keep only essential things
  • This bag is not waterproof you, if your water bottle may get leaked, it can damage your belongings. It is also not suitable if the weather is a bit cloudy

2) F Gear Luxur Black 25 liters Backpack {Editor Choice}

F Gear Luxur Black 25 liters Backpack

This is a fashionable leather bag, and it can be used for many purposes. It has multiple zip pockets and has essential space. This is also one of the best backpacks in India. It has the following feature, they are:-

  1. The straps are very well padded that gives you enough comfort.
  2. It has a 16-inch laptop compartment.
  3. It also has a bottle holder.
  4. The size of this bag is (45x32x18) Cm
  5. It also has a front pocket for keeping things.

F Gear Luxur Black 25 liters Backpack


  • It provides a 16-inch laptop size, but the only 15-inch laptop can perfectly fit
  • It is made with rexin not made with pure leather or it not long lasting
  • This bag is not large from inside. You only keep essential items not more than that


  1. Samsonite Ikonn Polyester 24 Ltrs Black Laptop Backpack

Samsonite Ikonn Polyester 24 Ltrs Black Laptop Backpack
Samsonite Ikonn Polyester 24 Ltrs Black Laptop Backpack

This is also a very nice bag pack and gives you more comfort. This company is famous for manufacturing bags by using premium quality of the material. It is more desirable and trustable among customers. It has the following features they are:-

  1. The outer material of this backpack is polyester.
  2. It comes in the color of black that is preferable.
  3. It comes with a capacity of 24L.
  4. The weight of this bag is 800gms.
  5. The size of this bag is (12.8×19.2) inch.
  6. This backpack is waterproof.

Samsonite Ikonn Polyester 24 Ltrs Black Laptop Backpack


  • This bag is very comfortable and convenient to carry
  • It gives you a stylish look and style
  • It protects your belonging from getting damage for rain or water
  • This is made with premium quality, and that makes it durable


  • none

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