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The Brass City - Moradabad

Created on Mon, 13-06-2016

The Brass City - Moradabad

One of the major cities in northern India, Moradabad, dates back to the Mughal era and was named after the Mughal prince Murad Bakhsh. Today, the city is an important industrial centre, the divisional headquarters of the Northern Indian Railways and all set to become a Smart City in the near future.

But perhaps the city is best known as a hub for brassware production, earning its nickname – The Brass City. Making handicrafts out of brass is an age old tradition here and brass workers have developed this art to perfection.

The intricate designs, smooth finishing and unadulterated high quality brass has established the city’s reputation as a centre of high quality brassware manufacturing.

Streets in downtown Moradabad are lined with shops displaying a wide range of items made of brass, from statues and utensils to jewellery and antiques. The golden glitter lights up the bazaars as tourists and locals alike jostle to take home a sample of Moradabad’s fine workmanship.

Currently, the total exports from brass handicrafts has exceeded $600 million, employing thousands of people and contributing greatly to the city’s economy.




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