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The Myth Of Meerut

Created on Mon, 13-06-2016

The Myth Of Meerut

The city of Meerut, located between the holy rivers, Ganga and Yamuna, makes for an important town and is a busy merchandising centre of western Uttar Pradesh. Because of the methodical competition between the Hindus and Muslims residing in the area, general commotion has been a common notice in the city. Even though the city has remained in the storm’s eye, it has brought about a difference in the way people have left behind the past and the town of Meerut has slowly gone onto becoming a major town in the area, suitable for commercial activities. In India, soldering works and agriculture-based units are mostly witnessed in Meerut. Also, Meerut is called the ‘Sports city of India’ because of the thriving sports goods industry here.

  • Coming to the mythological side of this city, Meerut was earlier known as Mayarashtra meaning ‘The country of Maya’, who was Mandodari’s father in the Ramayana. Meerut was the capital of Maya. Thus, the city is also known as 'Ravan Ka Sasural' literally meaning Ravana's wife's home.
  • Another tale that is associated with this city is Shravan Kumar who carried his weak parents with the help of a sling on his shoulders and went on an expedition to various places. While crossing Meerut, he felt thirsty and for a moment kept his parents down to quench his thirst. King Dasaratha, shot him by mistake thinking he was a deer after which, the parents cursed the king that his first son would leave him, during the period of his greatest need.


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