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A Glance into the Glass Industry of Firozabad

Created on Mon, 13-06-2016

A Glance into the Glass Industry of Firozabad

Firozabad is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh andwas originally known as Chandwar Nagar. The story of how the town got its name Firozabad is quite fascinating.It is believed that in order to safeguard the Mughal Empire’s carts full of revenue that passed through the town, Akbar appointed Firoz as the leader of the army, and eventually, the town came to be known as Firozabad. This famous town is known as the ‘City of Bangles’ due to the glass industry that is present for centuries.

It was invaders who brought glass to India. The rejected glass pieces were melted to make new pieces or bangles. Later, people started using colored and white glass pieces to make chandeliers.

It is estimated that around 400 industries dedicated to glass production is present in Uttar Pradesh. With each passing year, the industries develop a new technique or unique patterns that have led them to make a global presence.


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