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Live, Love and Pray at Chandauli

Created on Mon, 13-06-2016

Live, Love and Pray at Chandauli

Chandauli is located in Uttar Pradesh and was once a part of the old kingdom of Kashi (Varanasi).

Being located close to the holy city of Varanasi, Chandauli too has its share of numerous religious places belonging to various sects.


Baluwa’s claim to fame is that this is only one of the two places where the river Ganges flows in an East-West direction, the other being Allahabad. During the Hindu month of Magha (January), a holy fair named Pachchim Vahini Mela is held every year. The sage Valmiki is believed to have lived here.

Aghor Peeth

Ramgarh village is the birthplace of Kinaram Baba who belonged to the esoteric Aghora sect in the 16th century. Kinaram Baba established the Aghor Peeth here, a rather forbidding structure with large human skulls at its gates. It is also known as Kinaram Sthal. A sacred fire inside is said to have been kept continuously burning for 400 years, using wood obtained from the funeral ghats of Varanasi.  A tank or kund inside is said to contain water with medicinal properties to cure many illnesses.

Other frequently visited religious places are the Maa Khandwari Devi Temple, Maa Chahan Devi Temple, and Amawa ki Sati Maa Temple.


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