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The Precious Stones of Banda

Created on Mon, 13-06-2016

The Precious Stones of Banda

Banda, a small town in Bundelkhand is famous all over the country for its exotictransparent Shajar stones.

Located on the northern fringes of the Vindhya Range, the region is particularly rich in minerals and precious stones owing to large scale tectonic and volcanic activity that took place millions of years ago.

Also known as Tree Augite, Shajar is best known for the tree or leaf like patterns that naturally exist within the stone and are clearly visible due to the stone’s transparent base. These patterns are actually plant and fungus fossils that were trapped inside molten rock millions of years ago.

During the olden days people believed that the stone was able to copy the image of anything that was put in front of it for a sufficiently long time thus attributing mystical powers to the stone.

Discovered around four hundred years ago, the stone mesmerized whoever looked at it and soon became an important jewel in the treasure collections of various kingdoms in the country.

Currently, the stone is Banda’s greatest pride as it continues to be widely employed in jewellery making and is exported all over the world.



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