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House Of Prayer At Hassan

Created on Mon, 13-06-2016

House Of Prayer At Hassan

To the west of Bangalore lies the famous district, Hassan, which reflects some of the finest examples of the Hoysala tradition of temple architecture. The temples at Mosale are an elegant example of Hoysala architecture of the early 12th century. Mosale is located at a distance of 13 Km from Hassan and the place is famous for Nageshvara-Chennakeshava Temple complex.

The Hoyasaleswara Temple, housing back to the 21st century, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is confounding for its wealth of sculpture details.

  • Amruteshwara Temple is another beautiful attraction located at a distance of 110 km from the Hassan district. The temple is a fine example of Hoysala workmanship built with a wide-open hall.
  • Lakshminarasimha Temple of the Hassan District is situated at Javagal.
  • Sri. Lakshmi Chennakesava temple at Kowsika is a unique masterpiece of the Hoysala artwork. Although the outer construction is not given much significance, but the facsimile of Sri. Lakshmi Chennakesava is really idiosyncratic. The complete figure is exquisitely sculpted and has great intensity of detail brought to light.
  • Another very beautiful temple to be recalled at Hassan is Bucheswara, dedicated to Lord Shiva.  

Besides the ones mentioned above, Javagal Lakshminarasimha Temple, Shantigrama Jain Temple and Lakshmi Venkataramana Swamy Temple are the other significant temples of this District.


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