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Meet the Celebrities from Dharwad

Created on Mon, 13-06-2016

Meet the Celebrities from Dharwad

About Dharwad

To about 425 Kms northwest of Bengaluru, exists a 200 Km2 area which is known as city of Dharwad. In 1961, Hubli was merged with Dharwad to form a twin city of Hubli-Dharwad. The city, positioned between Bengaluru and Pune, was famous for its lakes (most of which have dried out) since it is located on the edge of Western Ghats and is spread over seven hills.

Dharwad and its linkage to famous personalities

Dharwad is a region which has been the mother-town of a large number of people who have achieved great success and accolades extending over a wide spectrum of occupations and areas of expertise. The brief of a few have been provided below:

Art and Literature:

Shri Girish Karnad is the recipient of JanipathAward, which is one of the two highest literary honours in India.Dr K.S. Narayanacharya and Shri Patil Putappa are other famous writers hailing from Dharwad-Hubli district.


The foremost among musicians is Pandit Bhimsen Joshi who has been honoured with a Bharat Ratna. Shri Gangubhai Hangal and Pandit Mallikarjun, both have been recipients of Padma bhushan award.


Rai Saheb Ganpatrao Narayanrao Madiman, an eminent and excellent banker of his era has his roots in the region. Two co-founders of the I.T. giant Infosys, Mrs. Sudha Murthy and Nandan Nilekani originate from the land of Dharwad too.






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