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The Manchester of Maharashtra, Ichalkaranji

Created on Mon, 13-06-2016

The Manchester of Maharashtra, Ichalkaranji

Ichalkaranji city, located in Maharashtra is primarily known for its Cotton. The textile and handloom industry contribute to India’s economy and is one of the well sought after gifts that India has to offer worldwide.

The White Revolution

The district occupies the prestigious tag of being a place of the highest per capita income. Located on the banks of Panchganga, the place is fertile hence producing top quality crops. It is the land of Cotton poplin, Cotton saris and Dhotis. From the 1980’s, it also churned out Denim, and Chiffon – to woo the new age consumer. Most of the popular retail brands have their fabric or spinning taken care of this goldmine called Iccakaranji.

Today, it’s one of the fastest growing industrial sectors of India and is popularly called the Manchester of the East. It contributes to nearly $150 billion sale of textile goods and has per capita income of INR 1,16,472.

The home of Tata Nano – the district’s current prosperity in the modern era is also accentuated by the proliferation of brands like Raymond’s, Allen Solly, Van Huesen and even modern trade outlets like Big Bazar, Reliance and Apna Bazaar. Top automobile companies like Tata, Maruti Suzuki and TVS have their factories set up here.


It is a modest place, warm with the wealth of culture. It has flourished throughout history, but its continues to progress to great heights.


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