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The Marvelous Cooch Behar Palace

Created on Thu, 17-03-2016

The Marvelous Cooch Behar Palace


Cooch Behar Palace, also popularly known as the Victor Jubilee Palace, is a brilliant construction situated in the city of Cooch Behar. This grand palace was constructed in 1887 and was rumoured to have been designed in the likeness of Buckingham Palace.

The Cooch Behar Palace was built during the reign of Maharaja Nripendra Narayan. This brick built palace is fortified and secured by the Archaeological Survey of India. The double-storeyed palace is modelled in the classical western style and is famous for its refinement of construction. The Rajbari, Palace of Kings, now stands as a museum showcasing various kinds of weapons, stamps and jewels. Few paintings and other relics from the Raj era have been preserved here and open to a number of visitors. Inside the palace, photography is strictly prohibited. The palace consists of well-crafted rooms including bedrooms, dancing room, dining hall, dressing room as well as a library.

The area is surrounded by refreshingly beautiful gardens which contribute to the overall glamour and grandeur of the palace. There is a large open area which is located in the front of the palace. The surrounding area is very well maintained and locals, as well as tourists, can be seen dotting the landscape.

A visit to Cooch Behar Palace is certainly an enriching experience and should be on every traveller’s list.


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