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The amazing quality of original Pashmina shawls

Created on Tue, 01-03-2016

The amazing quality of original Pashmina shawls

Pashmina shawls are hand-embroidered and handmade by Kashmiri Artisans. It is said that the artisans spend as much as 2 years to complete wrapping just one shawl. Pashminas have been the finest choices for many when they decide buying luxurious shawls to look elegant and remain warm for the winters. However, with unauthentic people filling the market, you are more likely to be cheated if you don’t purchase with caution. Whenever you are about to buy a Pashmina shawl, you must check its originality. You must check the authenticity of the product prior to investing in it.

The easiest way to verify its genuineness is checking its appearance. Though a slight sheen is possible sometimes, genuine pieces are usually capable of bearing matte appearances. A little sheen is fine but when you find a lot, it does not indicate the right fabric. Then look for the diameter of the shawl, which is very important. An authentic manufacturer would definitely mention it and when it is not mentioned, it is means it is fake. Checking the weave, undertaking burnt test and performing the rubbing test are among the ways to determine the authenticity of Pashmina shawls.


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