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Explore Kalander Shah’s tomb in Karnal

Created on Tue, 01-03-2016

The city of Karnal, believed to be founded by Raja Karna, was ruled by a number of kings. In 1905, the British captured the city while being governed by the Marathas and Sikhs. A fort built by King Gajpat Singh of Jind was taken over by the British and was used as a poor house, native cavalry and hail. In 1862, the fort was turned into a district school.

The city of Karnal has many historical places and Kalander Shah’s Tomb is one of them. The tomb is located a few kilometers from the popular district of Karnal. This is a well-structured grave carved out of marble. The tomb is adorned with a lot of appealing sculptures constructed by Ghias-ud-din, the Emperor of Delhi. It was built in the memory of Bo-Ali-Qualander Shah who was a popular Muslim savant and sage.

The sage’s thoughts and views were respected by people belonging from various communities. You can see a reservoir and mosque including fountains here, which were built by Emperor Alamgir. You can also find a Kettle Drum Balcony outside the Kalander Shah Tomb. Tourists can travel to Karnal via bus or cars and also via Indian railways.


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