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Ramtek : Land of Ram's Promise

Created on Mon, 29-02-2016

Ramtek : Land of Ram's Promise

Ramayana is a much-loved and often repeated story in India and holds an integral part in Indian culture. There are several mentions of Lord Rama being associated with various parts of India, one of those being the city of Ramtek in Maharashtra.

Lord Rama’s Temple in Ramtek

The historic temple of Lord Rama, where he was believed to have rested during his exile is said to be one of the most famous places to visit in Ramtek. It is also said that according to legend, the ashram of the famous sage named Agastya was situated where Lord Rama’s temple stands today and was a place where several religious rites were performed. The demons however did not allow the sages to worship in peace and when Lord Rama heard of this he made a vow to rid the world of demons. Literally translated, the word ‘tek’ is derived from the word promise and Ramtek can be translated to ‘Ram’s Promise’. It is widely believed that worshippers who take a vow at the temple will have their wishes granted by Lord Ram.


The temple was constructed over 400 years ago by the King of Nagpur, Raghuji Bhonsale to celebrate his victory over the Fort of Deogarh in Chindwara.

Devotees of Lord Rama flock the temple in hordes each year and if you are looking to re-live a part of ancient Indian mythology and literature, the historic temple in Ramtek should be on your must-visit list.


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