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Magan Sangrahalaya: The only Museum founded by Gandhiji

Created on Mon, 29-02-2016

Magan Sangrahalaya: The only Museum founded by Gandhiji

One of the most important historical and cultural cities in the state of Maharashtra, Wardha, has many fascinating stories to reveal. Ruled by many prominent dynasties, this city also played an important role in Gandhian Era in India.

Magan Sangrahalaya was dedicated in the fond memory of Maganlal Gandhi, who was Gandhiji’s right-hand in carrying out all the activities in the pre-independent India. This Sangrahalay or museum is the only one that was founded and inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi in 1938.

This museum is divided into two sections; one for Khadi and the other one for rural industries. Gandhiji’s main idea behind setting up this museum was to emphasize the growth of rural industries in India and encourage different artisans in the country. An advisory committee, with eminent people from different fields, was also set up. Interestingly, charkhas dating back to the year 1930 can be seen at this museum.


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