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ITS – Mysore’s Intelligent Transport System!

Created on Mon, 29-02-2016

ITS – Mysore’s Intelligent Transport System!

Mysore, one of the major cities in Southern part of India, is all set to revolutionize public transport in the country. With the planned implementation of the Intelligent Transport System (ITS), getting around in the city is going to be a breeze.

A first of its kind project in India, ITS involves the use of sophisticated technology to make intra city transport drastically more efficient, comfortable and fast. Allowing for the monitoring and tracking of buses, the new system hopes to make public transport more attractive to the public eye.

Mysore being a rapidly expanding city and a major tourist destination makes for an ideal choice to pilot the project.

The project will involve a real time Passenger Information System (PIS) which will be displayed at bus stops and over the internet, allowing passengers to plan their commute according to time and seat availability thus avoiding overcrowding and reaching their destinations exactly when they want to.

The new system will also significantly reduce traffic congestion, air pollution and the likelihood of road accidents.

Technologies like display boards, audio announcements, GIS maps, text messaging and Interactive Voice Response Systems and a modern fleet of buses will make sure that traffic management in Mysore becomes a role model for cities all across the nation to follow.


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