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Baramulla's Eco Park: A blend of modern substructure and natural exquisiteness!

Created on Mon, 29-02-2016

Baramulla's Eco Park: A blend of modern substructure and natural exquisiteness!

In the backdrop of the majestic Hajibal mountain range, exquisitely beautiful and idyllic Eco Park is fast emerging as a major tourist destination. The tranquil Jhelum flows quietly around the island. The lush greenery stares with contemplative mood from the island. A cool and serene ambience pervades.

It is an island park of Kashmir as it is surrounded on all sides by the water of quiet flowing river Jhelum. A project has been started by the authorities to connect the park with Bosin Tong forest by cable car, another tourist spot of dense jungle overlooking old and sleepy Baramulla town on the Northern side. The Bosin Tong also houses one of the largest farm houses of quality sweet potatoes where they are raised by researchers.

In April, the weather is warm and the Tulips in the garden are in full bloom. Whiff of festivities is in the air. Colors galore drenched the garden with multiple hues. It is the time of annual festival of Tulips.

The occasion is celebrated with folk songs of the locality. The shops are there to sell local ornate handicrafts. Also, some makeshift arrangements are there to placate the palate with traditional Kashmiri cuisine.

While Sun sets down behind mighty Hajibal range and Jhelum turned crimson, you can relax in one of the cafes with a cup of coffee, eyeing intricately designed wooden cottages for night stay. You are only 5 km away from Baramulla town down the Uri road and nearly 60 km from Srinagar.


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