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The Bygone Days of Chitradurga Fort

Created on Mon, 29-02-2016

Chitradurga Fort

Forts have been of immense importance and have added strategical value when it comes to the Indian History. One such fort has been the Chitradurga Fort which resides in the Chitradurga district in Karnataka.

Chitradurga Fort was also known as ‘Chitaldoorg’ by the Britishers. It comprises of many hills and a peak that offered a tactical edge against the enemies. It is also built in 7 concentric circles which have beautiful lanes to stroll in.

The fort which has been incrementally constructed over last three centuries, has been shelter to many, Nayakas of Chitradurga, the Chalukyas and the Hoysalas, to name a few. It was regarded as one of the most innovative and futuristic fortsfor its time, due to the facility of water logging it sports. With its interconnected tanks that stored the rain water, the fort never faced any serious water shortage.


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