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JAMSHEDPUR: Jampot Street Food Junction!

Created on Fri, 26-02-2016

Jamshedpur is not just renowned as the Steel Silhouette but also a junction of Jampot Street Food. There is the famous city landmark, “Fakira Chanachur”. The spiciest and tangiest of the Chanachur you can ever get to eat. This has been the signature snack of the steel city ever since 1900. Hari ka Golgappa, Swamy ka Dosa, Manohar ki Mithai, Bauwwaji ka Chai, Lakhi Rolls, Bhatia’s Shake, Ramesh Kulfi, and so many more - all of these lip-smacking street delicacies can make any Indian go weak in the knees.

There are innumerable local food stalls near the Muslim Library serving you at utmost comfort in your car. There is another very famous entrant to the Jampot Street Food Hall of Fame. Labh Singh’s Chaap Shop on Station Road, perhaps the only place, which is open all night, where one could get dinner (finger licking chicken and mutton chaaps to die for amongst other items) at all hours of the night or morning.

Karnail Singh Hotel in Sakchi is also a great option for the vegetarians.


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