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Local delicacies of Aurangabad one must try

Created on Fri, 26-02-2016

Local delicacies of Aurangabad one must try

Aurangabad, the former Mughal capital is well known for its slow-cooked tandoors. This was a practice that came into existence during the medieval age to avoid lighting a fire during night time, as to prevent giving out clues about their whereabouts. Here’s a list of some of the delicacies one must try:

This fiery-red-meat curry could be considered to be the staple food of Aurangabad. It's usually slow cooked all through the day and served with hot Sheermal or Naan.

A main attraction of this place are delicious Kebabs with skewers.

Cantukky fried chicken
This place has its own Indian version of KFC, although this is more spicier and crunchier with a smoky flavour to it.

Mawa Jalebis
Made from condensed milk, these jalebis are a treat to all your senses


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