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History behind the foundation and name of Beed

Created on Thu, 25-02-2016


Only recently has Beed, a small town in the state of Maharashtra emerged as one of the most historical places in India. Every nook and corner of Beed is steeped in history.

Although, the origin of the name Beed is unknown, it is believed that Beed was known as Durgavati during the reign of Kurus and Pandavas. Later, when Champavati (King Vikramaditya’s sister) conquered the place, it was rechristened as Champavatinagar. Under the rule and leadership of several rulers, Champavatinagar began to evolve. A ruler named Muhammed Bin Tughluq named the place Bir, which means ‘Well’. He also built wells surrounding the forts and completely changed the way it functioned. As per historians, the Yavana rulers named it Bid (Water in Persian). This, in course of time, became Beed.


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