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Four dhabas of Bhiwandi you need to eat at!

Created on Wed, 24-02-2016

Dal Makhani

Are you a foodie? Then you surely must have heard of Bhiwandi’s dhabas? If you haven’t, then read on.

Shalimar Dhaba

This is heaven on earth for foodies. Give its mouth-watering chicken dishes a try, and you won’t regret driving all the way from Mumbai or Nashik to visit this food-lovers’ paradise.

Rajdhani Dhaba

The perfect place to hang out with family and friends alike, Rajdhani Dhaba boasts of a well-planned layout, and for serving probably the finest sheeshas (hookahs) in town. For starters, give its unique channa and lasoon fry a try if you’re a vegetarian. Non-vegetarians will relish its chickenlapeta with roti.

Rukhmini Dhaba

The crowds at this dhaba are a testimonial to its immense popularity. Whether you try the delicious dal makhani and butterroti or the desi murgi, you won’t be disappointed

Karishma Dhaba

For those who can’t get enough of chicken and mutton, the Karishma Dhaba offers a wide variety of delicious delights such as dry fruit chicken, mutton raan tandoori, chicken banjaara and much more.

Other must try dhabas of Bhiwandi include Lazeez Dhaba, Sai Raj Spice & Spicy Dhaba, Swastik Dhaba and Tulsa Dhaba.


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