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Two historic temples of Baramati

Created on Wed, 24-02-2016

Baramati, a city within Pune district of Maharashtra is known as one of the most pious destinations in India. This is because it is home to two of the country’s most ancient temples – Shri Kashivishweshwar Temple and Shri Siddheshwar Temple.

Shri Kashivishweshwar Temple

Located on the west bank of the River Karha, the Shri Kashivishweshwar Temple was built around 750 AD. It is referenced in the great epic ‘Shiv Lilamrut’ by the renowned poet Shridhar Swami.

Shri Siddheshwar Temple

Located on the east bank of the River Karha, the Shri Siddheshwar Temple also dates back nearly 400 years to 750 AD. An architectural masterpiece, this temple is located very close to Shri Babuji Naik’s mansion. The Shri Siddheshwar Temple pays homage to the holy cow, Nandi and has a splendid sculpture idol of the Lord Nandi. This temple too, is referenced in Shridhar Swami’s ‘Shiv Lilamrut’.

The city of Baramati has gained fame over the years due to the historical significance of these two ancient temples. Every year, followers from all over Maharashtra flock to both the Shri Kashivishweshwar Temple and the Shri Siddheshwar Temple to offer their prayers at these two holy spots.



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