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The Distinct Doddaballapura

Created on Wed, 24-02-2016

The Distinct Doddaballapura

Doddaballapura, a small town located 36 km to the north of Bengaluru in Karnataka, is best known for two things – silk and temples. The area in and around the town is home to several historic temples which are known for their architecture.

Here are three places in Doddaballapura and in its vicinity that you must visit.

Ghati Subramanya Temple

This is the only temple where there are idols of Lord Karthikeya as well as Lord Narasimha under the same roof. According to the legend, both the idols emerged from earth. It is also an important centre of snake worship in southern India. The temple’s intricately carved Gopura (main tower) adds onto its visual appeal.

Shanimahatma Temple

This classic example of traditional Dravidian architecture was built by a farmer named Ganga Hanumaiah. Locals believe worshipping at the temple on Saturdays pacifies the Hindu god Shani and eases suffering.

Hulukadi Hills

Quiet, peaceful and scenic, Hulukadi Hills offer the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Bengaluru city. These beautiful green hills house a fort, a pond and a cave temple. It is also a great trekking spot.

Doddaballapura’s unique combination of holy sites and natural beauty make it a place worth exploring.


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