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The breath-taking Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Created on Wed, 24-02-2016

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Located between the Gondia and Bhandara districts of Maharashtra, the Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is a safe haven for 4 species of amphibians, 34 species of mammals, 36 species of reptiles, 166 species of birds and a number of fishes.

The lush green sanctuary is also rightly known as the Green Oasis of Vidharba. The luxurious vegetation, the picturesque landscape and its clean and fresh air, far from the maddening humdrum of daily life in the city, are existing proofs of its incomparable beauty.

A sort of a mini ecosystem in itself, the vegetation of this 150 sq. km piece of land varies from evergreen trees to small shrubs and herbs, presenting a variety that is a rare sight.

Summer is the best time of the year to take a trip to this sanctuary. And if you’re up early in the morning, you will get to see the sambars and the gaurs in the hilly tracks and the deer in the thick woods, along with sloth bears near the mango trees.

If you’re lucky enough, you may even get to hear the ear-splitting roar of a tiger or the soft tap of the Indian Great Black Woodpecker.

Truly, a trip to Maharashtra is incomplete without a visit to this dense and scenic forest.


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