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In Belgaum? Don’t leave without trying these sweet dishes!

Created on Wed, 24-02-2016

In Belgaum? Don’t leave without trying these sweet dishes!

This Sugar Bowl of Karnataka has its unique share of delicacies to please your palate. Known for producing delicious sweets and desserts, Belgaum is also known as “kunda nagari”- the land of the Belagavi Kunda. So, here’s a list of must try sweet dishes if you’re visiting Belgaum.

Belagavi Kunda: Made of Khoa and milk, this delicious and sinful dish is a must try if you have a sweet tooth! The Marvadi Purohits are the best in the business and if you have this even once in your lifetime, you will keep asking for more.

Rice appam: This is a traditional south Indian dish made with rice and jaggery and clarified butter spiced with cardamoms.

Mango Chutney: This puree of ripe mangoes with seasoned spices is the best and is mostly served as a side dish.  

Mande/ Mandige: It’s a Konkani sweet made with wheat, sugar, sesame and poppy seeds. It resembles a neatly folded rumali roti coated with the sugar.

Ladagi Laddu: This is a sweet ball of jiggery, gram flour, coconut, spices, nuts etc. You cannot resist this at any cost!


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