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Shri Shanimahatma Temple - Iconic Dravidian architecture

Created on Tue, 23-02-2016

Lord Shani

Located at 40 kms northwest of Bengaluru, in the small town of Chikka Madhure, stands the imposing Shri Shanimahatma Temple, a stunning piece of classical Dravidian architecture.

The temple’s massive Gopura (main tower) dominates the town’s skyline and the intricately carved figures on the temple’s facade and roof attest to excellent workmanship.

Dedicated to the Hindu god Shani (Saturn), this centuries old temple was built by Ganga Hanumaiah, a local farmer. It is believed that by offering pooja (a mode of Hindu worship) at the temple one can pacify the vengeful Shani and lessen the sufferings caused by his ire.

Worshippers are also often seen offering Ellu Batti (black sesame seeds wrapped in white cloth tied with a black thread and dipped in sesame oil) to appease the god.

Saturday’s are particularly crowded as this day is dedicated to lord Shani. An annual festival is also held in honour of the god when the Shani idol is taken out on procession on a chariot.

The temple is clean and well maintained. The nearby lake of Madhure Kere offers a good view of the surroundings and is a great place to relax.


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