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Doddaballapura – The Indian Manchester of Textile

Created on Tue, 23-02-2016

Hand woven silk

Right from its earliest days, the town of Doddaballapura in Karnataka, India, was known for its hand woven Silk.

With time the town became a well-established centre of all sorts of handloom products, and just like the city of Manchester in England, developed a reputation for textile production in India, thus earning the sobriquet – The Indian Manchester of Textile.

Today, most of the handlooms have been replaced by power looms, while Polyester and Cotton have become the primary raw materials instead of the traditional Silk. Nonetheless, the city continues to enjoy its former reputation.

Textiles produced in the town are known for their durability and high quality. The colours used in the yarn last for a long time while the finishing of the cloth is smooth and precise.

While the town is still best known for its Silk sarees, other textile products are also extensively produced and exported all across the country.

The tradition of weaving is firmly established in this town. Children learn how to weave from an early age in the looms owned by their families. While cheaper power loom production is preferred by most young entrepreneurs, the art of hand weaving is still highly valued.


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