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Akola- The Cotton City

Created on Tue, 23-02-2016

Cotton Plan Akola

Cotton, the term all of us are familiar with. We use it every day and have Cotton garments, but how important can it be? Our country’s one-fifth industrial production is dependent on it, it’s also one of the reasons India is considered as one of the fastest growing economies. It is the principal raw material in the textile industry, which accounts for nearly 20 percent of the total national industrial production and provides employment to over 15 million people. So indirectly, one-fifth of the country’s production is predominantly dependent on Cotton.

So who is spearheading and ensuring the continuous supply of this immensely important commodity? The answer lies in the Amaravati region of Maharashtra, Akola. This district is situated in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra and is regarded as the ‘Land of Cotton’, to the extent that it is sometimes referred to as White Gold district of Maharashtra State. The district earns its reputation by being the district with the maximum Cotton yield annually, across the country and it is no surprise that more often than not, it is referred to as ‘The Cotton City’.


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