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Ambadevi Temple of Amravati

Created on Tue, 23-02-2016

Ambadevi Temple

Temples of India will never cease to amaze you with their splendid architecture and celestial exuberance. A visit to Ambadevi temple is one such blissful experience. 

The Ambadevi Temple is the biggest tourist attraction in the city of Amravati and is a site that is most visited by worshippers of Goddess Ambadevi. The temple and the primitive construction around it is an epitome of strength. The structure has been standing tall for thousands of years and nobody has been able to date it back to when it was built. Although, the legend denotes that the Ambadevi temple was a witness to the marriage of Lord Krishna and Rukhamini.

The temple is visited by lakhs of devotees from across the country, majority of them visit during the Navratri season. Besides having immense religious value, the temple and its complex are famous for their archaic scriptures and sculptures. This attracts a lot of art appreciators to the temple too and hence one can find themselves surrounded by a variety of crowd at the temple.

The temple can tickle your passion for history and spirituality. The ambiance created during the peak months of September and October is heavenly and extremely positive.


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