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A Visit to Ajinkyatara Fort of Satara

Created on Tue, 23-02-2016

Ajinkyatara Fort

‘The Impregnable Star’ - That’s what ‘Ajinkyatara’ means; gazing up at the towering, solid rock walls of this 16th century fort atop the blue-green Sahyadri range, one must admit it was aptly named.

Ajinkyatara Fort served as a crucial checkpoint for the Maratha rulers through the 18th and 19th centuries, from where they could defend their southern territories. Today, it’s a popular destination for trekking from Satara city, a quick 2 hour drive from Pune.

The rugged beauty of the hill country envelops you while leaving behind the chaos.While the monsoons turn the landscape into a bewitching panorama of velvety greens and crystalline streams, the mild winters are an equally good time to trek up the Ajinkyatara mountain.

Satara’s TV tower is located at the fort - an unfortunate, but necessary anachronism. The views, however, more than make up for the tower’s omnipresence. Medieval temples dot the area and trekkers visit the Devi Mangala, Shiva and Hanuman temples, walking through jungles known for some awe-inspiringly huge Banyan trees.

Also visible from Ajinkyatara is the Nandgiri Fort to the east, while from the west, you can gaze upon the green carpeted Yawateshwar and Jarandeshwar hills.

For an afternoon of easy trekking in the Sahyadris, Ajinkyatara Fort is a pretty good choice!


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