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5 most awe-inspiring Durga Puja Pandals in Kolkata!

Created on Mon, 22-02-2016

5 most awe-inspiring Durga Puja Pandals in Kolkata!

Every year the arrival of Goddess Durga uplifts the spirit of the city and sets a mood of festivity and joy. The streets light up and happiness engulfs the mind and heart of every living person during the season.

But, what stands apart is the temporary abode of Goddess Durga made by her humble devotees, also called a Pandal.

Pandals attract hordes of people and even tourists every year during the Puja. Every Pandal strives to be unique from another in a hope to stand out and be talked about, and hence gain more footfalls. They are beautiful, enigmatic and sublime. How? We will tell you where you will find the best Pandals every year, and then you be the judge.

Suruchi Sangha- Probably the most funded and famous exhibition of craft and talent, Suruchi Sangha, every year chooses a new theme and builds a beautiful, exquisite and well-crafted abode for Ma Durga. It has won the award for the most decorated pandal and Best Puja in 2003, 2009 and 2011 respectively.

Bagbazaar- One of the oldest pandals in the city. It attracts hordes of tourists every year with its beautiful and out of the world idol of Ma Durga.

Jodhpur Park- Undoubtedly the best pandal of South Kolkata- the amount of innovation they put into theming up the pandal is noteworthy. In 2014, they built an idol out of bio-degradable materials churned out of a 3D printer. 

Mohammed Ali Park- Located in a large park, the grand architectural pandal pulls a tremendous amount of crowd every year.

Badamtala Sangha- Stunning Pandals hoppers for the past 75 years, this pandal always manages to gather up a kilometer-long queue. It won an award for Creative Excellence in 2010.


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