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Basic Telugu phrases to help you in Vizianagaram

Created on Fri, 19-02-2016

Basic Telugu phrases to help you in Vizianagaram

So are you in Telangana or Andhra Pradesh for the first time? Do you also plan to stay for a reasonably long period here? If the answer is yes to both questions, it might be helpful to know a few basic words and phrases of the local language, Telugu. These can be of great help while haggling with an autorickshaw driver or landlord.

How do we start?

Start by telling local people that you do not know their language. This is the most convenient way to get yourself going in an unfamiliar city.

Naaku Telugu Raadu- I don’t know Telugu

Move ahead by knowing a little Telugu

This is a mixture of words and phrases used in everyday conversations (most).

  • Entha- How much?
  • Idi entha- How much is this?
  • Adi entha- How much is that?
  • (Notice that all are centred around ‘entha’)
  • Mee peru enti- What is your name?
  • Naa peru..... - My name is ......
  • Hello- Namaskaram
  • How are you?- Meeru aelaa unnaaru
  • Good morning- Shubhodayam
  • Good afternoon- Shubha dinan
  • Good evening- Namaskaram/Namaste
  • Have a good journey- Shubha Prayaanan



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