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ZEE Jaipur Literary Festival: A Fest Like No Other!

Created on Thu, 18-02-2016

ZEE Jaipur Literary Festival: A Fest Like No Other!

The Kumbh of literature, the Mecca of literary laureates, ZEE Jaipur Literary Festival is a place where book lovers hobnob with literary stalwarts from the globe.  Touted as ‘The biggest free literary fest’, ZEE JLF is the congregation of journalists, writers and freethinkers to discuss their ideas and hold debates on trending issues.

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited has been the title sponsor since 2014 and has taken JLF to new heights. The brand has managed to bring in some of the best names in literature to JLF. The founders, with the effort of Zee, have managed to get some of the best in literature while still keeping the festival open for enthusiasts.

Besides providing a platform for new and regional writers, JLF also has put Jaipur on the world map and has helped boost Jaipur’s economy. No doubt that JLF and the other cultural fests have become the identifying feature of Jaipur and have provided a big boost to the tourism industry.

Apart from the tourism industry, other biggest beneficiaries of this boom are the specialty restaurants serving Rajasthani cuisine. To borrow from a local, winters have never been this profitable before in the Pink city.


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