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Why is Bangalore called the Silicon Valley of India?

Created on Mon, 15-02-2016

Why is Bangalore called the Silicon Valley of India?

Once nicknamed ‘The Garden City of India’, an influx of IT companies and foreign investment meant that the city began to be referred to as the ‘The Silicon Valley of India’.

Origins of the name

In the 90s, Bangalore saw the emergence of several firms specialising in research and development, electronics and software development. The abundance of space in the city and its easy connectivity were some of the reasons for this development. Soon comparisons to the original Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, California, which was also a hub for IT companies in the United States started. 

IT Companies in the City

Some of the note-worthy IT companies that make Bangalore ‘The Silicon Valley of India’ are Infosys, Cognizant, Accenture and Wipro.

The employment opportunities created by these IT companies has been immense. As a result of this people from all over India came here to contribute towards the growth of ‘The Silicon Valley of India’.


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