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The other side of Jaipur

Created on Fri, 20-11-2015

The other side of Jaipur

Jaipur is known for its palatial grandeur and boasts of architectural epitomes attracting tourists from around the world. But the Pink City is more than just Jantar Mantar and Thar, and is versatile in its own way. It has another side we haven’t yet seen and heard of. Let’s take a look- 

1. The emerging IT hub
Jaipur is gradually emerging as an outsourcing hub with BPO giants like Infosys and Deutsche Bank fuelling the IT culture. In 2008, it was ranked 31st among 50 emerging global outsourcing cities. Mahindra SEZ of Jaipur is also considered one of the largest IT SEZs in India. The World Trade Park, a new IT park development in the pipeline, is surely going to help with the city’s economy.

2. Jaipur Literature Fest
Asia’s grandest literary festival, Jaipur Literary Festival brings together authors from across the globe. All come together to celebrate literature in the festival, directed by William Dalrymple and Namita Gokhale. JLF is a brainchild of the Jaipur Virasat Foundation and has been conducted since 2006. It’s a must attend fest for all literature lovers. 

3. One of the earliest planned cities of India
Yes, that’s a fact. An architect hailing from Bengal, Vidyadhar Bhattacharya created a grid-based model of the city based on Vastu Shashtra in the year 1727. It has an eastern and a western gate which is called Suraj Pol and Chand Pol respectively. 

4. Not always a Pink City
There’s a reason it is called the Pink City. You are wondering why, aren’t you? Well, it was originally and technically never a ‘Pink’ city until it was painted pink in 1876 to welcome the Prince of Wales. So there you go, that’s a feather in your general knowledge cap. 

5. The palace of the unseen
Bhangarh, a pre-historic site lying between Jaipur and Delhi, is believed to be cursed and inhabited by spirits. Tourists are not allowed to enter the premises after sunset. Some visitors and nearby residents have heard eerie sounds from the ruins. Legend says, the city was cursed by Baba Balanath as soon as the city’s heights casted a shadow on the Baba’s precluded retreat. Despite the horrific tales, Bhangarh is frequented by many tourists because of the Temples of Gopinatha, Shiva, Hanumana and Ganesha. 

6. Emerging Media hub
Media and Advertising are believed to have carved a niche in the heart of Jaipur. Many advertising and web development companies have profited from the diverse economy of Jaipur in the last five years. The firms and agencies, having expertise in website development in Jaipur, are also graded high in terms of creativity, productivity and design sense. 
Jaipur is more than what it seems, it is more than just a Pink City. These examples brilliantly showcase the other side of Jaipur and tell a contemporary tale of a vibrant and rich city. 


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