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Reasons why Kolkata is blissful for Street Foodies!

Created on Thu, 14-01-2016

Reasons why Kolkata is blissful for Street Foodies!

Kolkata (or Calcutta), the third largest city of India also happens to be the country's perfect destination for a street food hunt. With lip-smacking chaats to soulful cups of chai, the city serves it all. Amid all the hustle bustle, honking and addaas, in the streets and paths, lies the city’s age-old habit of brewing up delicacies.

In town? Here’s a guide if you’re a street food hunter (even if not)

Phuchka- Also known across India as Paani Puri or Golgappa, the Phuchka of Calcutta are bigger in size and come dipped in the tangy Tetul Jol (Tamarind Water) with a hint of Lime water, and guess what? You can ask for a different flavor if you want. Phuchka stalls are spread across the city and if you can’t devour a Phuchka in a single bite, you are at the right stall. 

Jhaal Muri- Can also be called the ‘staple’ and the most common street food of Kolkata, this crunchy mix of puffed rice, fried dal, peanuts, Chanachur, chopped onion and tomatoes serves as the perfect evening snack for almost every office-goer.

Chow Mein- If Kolkata street food is 'India', then Chow Mein (also adorably called Chow) stirred up on its streets is 'Delhi'. Get it? If you’re discussing Kolkata street food, you can’t digress without mentioning the quasi-Chinese Chow (Veg, Chicken and Mixed). Scorched on high heat, Indian style, Chow found on all corners of the city (especially the ones served in Chowringhee Lane) is ridiculously delicious.

Kathi Roll- Kathi Roll is Kolkata’s best gift to the family of Indian street food. Cooked and wrapped at a cute little and bigger joints with ‘Fast Food’ as a suffix on their board, this crunchy outside, juicy inside (Fillings mainly of Mutton, Chicken and mixed vegetables) piece of wonder is surely going to make you drool.

Ghugni Chaat- Served in leaf bowls, this omnipresent delicacy will leave you amazed with its mysterious blend of flavours. Thanks to the finely chopped tomatoes, onions, coriander, tamarind and lime water stirred up with yellow peas, the famous and delicious Ghugni Chaat will leave a sweet and sour taste in your mouth.

Chai- And at last, nothing better than a hot clay cup of tea to wash down the delicious food you just had. The clay adds a different aroma to the beverage, making it all the more sip-worthy.

Also, the vendors are super friendly and often very excited to serve you, and rest assured, the streets of Kolkata and its food will put a smile on your face at the end of the day.


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