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Steer clear of these traffic prone areas in Bangalore

Created on Thu, 14-01-2016

Steer clear of these traffic prone areas in Bangalore

Bangalore is famously known as the ‘IT Capital of India’. The city has some of the brightest minds in the country who have come here to earn a living. The one thing they can't seem to find a way around is the city's perpetual traffic.

Lack of well planned roads, inability to follow traffic rules and lane discipline are just a few of the reasons bringing the city’s traffic to a standstill. Some of the roads in Bangalore have bumper-to-bumper traffic all day long. The negative impact of traffic on stress levels, physical health and productivity is visible on the residents of the city.

If you have the luxury to plan your commute, here's a list of roads that are best avoided during peak hours: 

1. Sony Signal, Koramangala: One can soak in the riches of the local culture when they visit this famous area. It is also host to restaurants that serve some lip smacking delicacies. The traffic keeps piling alongside the road due to the presence of several commercial establishments in the area. Motorists spend no less than 30 minutes to find a suitable spot to park and end up leaving their vehicles in the ‘No Parking’ zones due to the space crunch.

2. Outer Ring Road (ORR) - Near Marathahalli: The narrow lanes of Outer Ring Road witness a fair share of traffic jams at frequent intervals. There are several bottlenecks and bylanes that surround the main road that add to a commuter’s woes.

3. Outer Ring Road - Near Sarjapur: Almost parallel to the Marathahalli ORR is the ORR near Sarjapur which has been witnessing heavy traffic off late. With new IT parks coming up almost every year, the amount of vehicles travelling to and fro have increased but the roads continue to remain narrow. The growing number of private vehicles parked in the ‘No Parking’ zones, especially private buses and taxis, add to the woes of the commuter. The traffic is especially bad during the peak hours between 7.30 am to 12.30 pm and 5 pm to 7 pm.

4. Old Madras Road: The famous Cable Bridge on the Old Madras Road was built to reduce traffic but the bottleneck created due to interstate buses waiting at the end of the bridge make it a nightmare for daily commuters. Traffic is sometimes so stagnant, even two wheelers are stuck in the same spot for 20 minutes on an average. 


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