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Reasons why the JU campus is the best in the country

Created on Mon, 23-11-2015

Reasons why the JU campus is the best in the country

Diverse Disciplines, state of the art facilities

Possibly, every subject under the Sun is taught here. Not only known for its diverse range of courses in engineering, but courses in arts/liberal arts and especially political science receive a lot of students too. Also, the computer science department of JU has a world ranking of 101.

A progressive school of thought

Students of JU belong to a progressive school of thought. Everyone is open to new ways and practices of leading a better life. Don’t be surprised if you run into an alumni chilling at the open arena and bragging about his days when he chose to become a filmmaker or a photographer. Everyone here is free to choose their own path. The Kolkata version of the kiss of Love campaign took place right in front of the JU gates. There you go.

Life = Bliss

When asked how life in JU has been, the students reply, “Blissful”. Whatever you need, whenever you need, you will find it here. If not in your room, then someone else’s. For bedding and internet connection, you have to pay a meagre amount of Rs 25 a month. Midnight hunger pangs? All you have to do is venture out from the gate to find a 24*7 food joint!​ What else do you need?


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