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Reaching out to the beneficiaries – an innovative initiative of CGHS Bangalore for "zero procedural hurdles" at all levels.


Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Limited is a Government Company established by the Government of Karnataka to cater to the housing needs of the Economically and Socially weaker sections of the Society. Registered in April 2000, its Authorised Capital is Rs. 10 crores with Rs. 3 Crores Paid up.


The state government's plan to include APL cardholders apart from BPL beneficiaries in health schemes like Rajiv Arogya Bhagya has run into resistance from the private health sector.


Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust has been established and registered as a separate body under the aegis of Health and Family Welfare Department under the Indian Trust Act, 1882 in order to implement Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Scheme vide GO No. HFW  216 CGE 2008, Bangalore dated 20th February 2009.


Women and children constitute around 70 % of India‟s people and are the critical foundation for national development - at present and in the future. More inclusive growth must begin with children and women- breaking an intergenerational cycle of inequity and multiple deprivations faced by women and girls, as related to poverty, social exclusion, gender discrimination and undernutrition.


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