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Why is Visakhapatnam called Jewel Of The East Coast?

Created on Fri, 19-02-2016


Coined after the name of Hindu goddess Visakha, the stunning beauty of Vizag, another name for Visakhapatnam, grips you with its glorious beaches and landscapes. There’s a valid reason why Visakhapatnam is called the Jewel Of The East Coast.

Surrounded by the Eastern Ghats and the Bay of Bengal, Visakhapatnam seems like a studded jewel in the crown of blue sea and an immense swamp.

The highlights of Visakhapatnam are the Simhachalam Hill range, extending into the deep blueness at Kailasagiri, also known as Thomas’ Folly and Rushikonda or the Sugar Loaf Hill in the North East. The elevated hill range outlining the Bay of Bengal seems like a Dolphin’s Nose and adds to the aesthetics of this mesmerizing city. If you happen to visit Visakhapatnam, the little hillocks are sure to keep you awestruck, be it the southern Venkateshwara Hills, Ross Hills, Darga Hills or sandy northern hill range from King George Hospital to Utagedda.

A paradise for beach lovers, Visakhapatnam keeps attracting tourists who find solace in the lap of blissful nature. Being the headquarters of Eastern Naval Command, the city is well maintained. Binge on seafood, witness a breathtaking view of illuminated Vizag from Kailash Giri Hilltop Park and take a stroll on the Rama Krishan beach. No words can do justice to the actual experience. The Jewel of East Coast will leave its impression in your memory for a lifetime.




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