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Why is Raipur called the 'Educational hub of Central India'

Created on Mon, 15-02-2016

Why is Raipur called the 'Educational hub of Central India'

Chosen as one of the 100 cities for Smart Cities Mission, Raipur is one city with many facets that will make you feel proud instantly, one of them being the quality of education and the number of famous educational institutions in that belt.

Home to many public universities and private colleges, Raipur welcomes students from different parts of the country. Finding a prestigious institution in any stream of higher studies is not a difficult thing in Raipur. No wonder Raipur is known to be the educational hub of central India! Only this city has IIM, AIIMS, Hidayatullah National Law University, IIT and NIT - some of the best, nationally acclaimed universities for medical, management, law and engineering degrees.

A city that embraces modernity with grace by retaining its rich heritage definitely needs to be visited. Now you  no it is where your next trip should be to, don’t you!


Image Courtesy: aiimsraipur.edu.in, iimraipur.ac.in


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