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Why is Bangalore called the 'garden city' of India?

Created on Mon, 15-02-2016

Why is Bangalore called the 'garden city' of India?

The fifth largest city of India, Bangalore, has through the years earned many nicknames ranging from the pensioner’s paradise to the garden city of India. The city gets rainfall from retreating monsoons as well which means that the climate remains cool throughout the year.

Origins of the name ‘garden city' 

Legend has it that the 17th century ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore, Hyder Ali, liked the cool Bangalore climate and so planned a garden that was named after his beloved sister ‘Lal Bi’. The garden he built is none other than the famous Lalbagh Gardens that is still visited by many in the city. During the British rule, they expanded the garden and developed Cubbon Park, creating a green haven in the heart of the city. Until the early 21st Century, Bangalore was known for the canopies of trees that lined its busy roads (still visible in some parts of the city). This abundance of greenery earned it the nickname, ‘Garden City of India’.

Garden City to Silicon Valley

Development comes with a price and the greenery of Bangalore has, in recent times, given way to make room for a concrete jungle, re-naming it ‘The Silicon Valley of India’. Fortunately, officials have taken pains to retain some of the city’s greenery including the famous Cubbon Park and Lalbagh Gardens and traces of the ‘Garden City of India’ still remain.


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