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When in Bangalore, visit these place

Created on Fri, 19-02-2016

When in Bangalore, visit these place

Hailed as the ‘Garden City of India’ or the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, Bangalore has much to offer its visitors. Whether you are there to enjoy its much envied climate, seek spirituality, work or question why it has been named a garden city, there’s something in Bangalore for everyone.

Cubbon Park

It’s not that you won't find greenery in the heart of the city, but Cubbon Park is definitely an exception! A favourite with joggers and those seeking solace in nature, Cubbon Park is often crowded with individuals from all walks of life. The park comes especially alive on Sundays with many yoga, runners and other fitness groups taking advantage of the serenity of the area.

Chinnaswamy Stadium

In a country that lives and breathes cricket, seeing street cricket is not a rarity. However, the game comes alive at the Chinnaswamy Stadium. The stadium is four decades old and has a seating capacity of 35,000 with ample parking space. If you’re in the city during the IPL season or even when there is a test match, be sure to catch it live here for a thrill like no other.

ISKON Temple

A picture of serenity, the ISKON Temple is a must visit when in Bangalore. A temple paying homage to Lord Krishna, the temple darshan will leave you with a sense of peace while its spectacular architecture will leave you in awe.

We’ve covered just a small fragment of the many things to see and do when in the city. A city in the delicate cusp of modernity and tradition, Bangalore is a metro paradise in India.


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