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Want to spice up your palate? Try Kolhapuri food

Created on Wed, 24-02-2016

Want to spice up your palate? Try Kolhapuri food

Kolhapur is famous for its chappals and spicy food or just food in general, but we are going to stick to the latter and discuss only that.  Here’s a complete guide to Kolhapur cuisine-

Batata vada pav: is a popular dish in which vada spiced with garlic chutney is sandwiched between a couple of puffed up buttered bread. It is a favorite of street food lovers!


Misal Pav: This is a breakfast dish and in simple words can be described as a curry served with bread. Moth beans are cooked in gravy with onions, coriander, potatoes, coconut, ginger and garlic and served hot.

Kolhapuri bhel: Made with puffed rice, and spices including a handful of fresh green coriander, Kolhapur Bhel is something that will surely leave you drooling! This irresistible dish is something not to be missed!

Kolhapuri Chicken: This is where things spice up a bit! If you have a penchant for ridiculously spicy food, this is dish is perfect for you! Chicken bathed in spicy tangy gravy will leave a satiating taste in your mouth.


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